Viewing Your App Contact Registration URL(s)

Your prospects and member can be invited to take a bodQR body and needs analysis by sharing with them the registration URL(s) for your app (as links or QR codes). To view the registration URL(s) for your app, click on Settings in the main navigation of your app, then select APP.

In the APP settings page, you will see your NeedsFunnel URL (ending with “/start”), and depending on your subscription level, may also see your Consult URL (ending with /register).

To copy a URL to your clipboard, simply click on the icon next to the URL.

The Needs Funnel URL leads to the online body analysis with contact information capture at the end of the body analysis process, making it ideal for lead capture.

The Consult URL leads to any analysis that is enabled in the bodQR app (Body Analysis, Profile, Fitness Diagnostic, Weight Diagnostic), and begins with contact information capture, making it best for use with contacts who have moved beyond preliminary interest in your services and are interested in more complete consultations or progress evaluations.

Your app registration URL(s) cannot be edited once your app is created.