Viewing Contact Scan History Using the Inquiry View and Consult View

Contacts (and Users) can view and compare prior scan results by clicking on the “View History” button in the Inquiry View and/ Consult View (available in paid Connect, Consult and Coach level plans), which can be accessed by users from the contact information page. (Note that the Evaluation View also includes the history for each scan type which can be accessed through the main navigation menu for that view).

The “View History” button is at the center top of the Inquiry and Consult Views, which can be accessed on the contact information page for each contact (find your contact using the Contact menu in the main navigation of your app).

After clicking on “View History”, you will see available scan types on the top navigation (these will vary based on the scan types included in your subscription).

Select the scan type of interest from the top navigation menu, then once on the history page for that scan type, select scan dates for comparison. Note that the initial column will always be populated by the most recent scan result, while the next two columns can be populated with data from any previous scan date.