Viewing Contact NeedsCoach History and Responses in the Contact Record

Each time a contact reviews scan results in bodQR they have the option to respond to questions posed by the bot that narrates each step of their data presentation (this is the “NeedsCoach” feature).

Any contact responses to the bot questions are recorded in the NeedsCoach history area of their contact record so that users can review and better understand the reaction of the contact to the scan results.

Follow the instructions below to access contact responses to these questions.

From the main navigation in your app, select Contacts and use the search or sort features to find your contact, then click View. On the contact record page, click on the NeedsCoach Responses button.

On the responses page, you’ll see a list of the dates when the contact reviewed their scan results.

Click on “View Responses” to see the answers to the bot questions for each date. If there were no responses by the contact, the system will indicate no record for that date.