Viewing and Editing Your Primary Location

The primary location for your business is created automatically from your company information in your bodQR app at the time your new app is generated.

From this starting point, you will likely want to modify the details of your primary location. For example, your corporate address might be different from your facility address, or you may wish to designate staff members other than the subscriber to receive alerts and support requests.

We recommend that you review the settings on your primary location as part of your app set-up to be sure that it is configured to work best for your business.

To view and edit the details for your primary location, click on Locations in the main navigation of your app, then select All Locations.

In the locations list, note that your primary location will have an edit (pen) icon, but will not have a deactivation icon under the Action column.

Click on the edit icon (pen) for your primary location.

On the Edit Location page, make your changes to the location details, then click on the Update button to save those edits.