Trial plans are the opportunity for you to experience premium features from paid bodQR subscription plans without upfront payment for that plan tier.

Trial plans have a fixed duration, and you will see the amount of time remaining in your trial displayed on the dashboard page in your bodQR app.

During the trial period you can access all features that are enabled for your selected trial plan tier, which will be evident from the active items in your primary navigation in your app. Items that are grayed out, if any, are not included in your trial plan tier.

For immediate assistance with your plan, you can refer to the bodQR FAQ library which includes instructions and tips for using your app. This library is accessible under Learning item on the main app navigation.

The bodQR team is also available to support you in configuring and using your app so that you can make the most of your trial. Contact us by clicking on the Support button on the header of your bodQR app, then complete the Support with your request.

At the end of your trial period, your subscription will automatically revert to either the bodQR free tier, or if you already have a paid plan, to your current paid subscription plan tier.