Using Your Connect Lite Free Trial

The Connect Lite bodQR plan is always free and enables you to offer body analysis to your prospects and members as a complimentary, value-added service that positions your business as both expert and progressive.

Results from Connect Lite scans can help members to assess their starting point, set goals and track progress over time, keeping them more engaged with your services and in turn supporting retention.

You entire staff can be registered as users in bodQR and will be able to view contact registrations in the system by your prospects and members. In turn, they have the option to follow-up with those individuals to answer their questions, provide support and discuss services for renewal or upselling.

The scan results data for individual contacts can be valuable to your business for providing (automated or human) advice and guidance that improves member relationships and revenue. In the aggregate, member and prospect data can provide marketing insights, demographic insights, segmentation and programming opportunities, as well as engagement data related to your individual staff, teams, locations and overall business. To access results data, you can upgrade to a paid plan through your app by clicking on the Admin item in the main navigation menu and selecting Subscription.

For more information on upgrading, see the Upgrading your Trial, Free or Paid Plan FAQ.