Using the Scans Dashboard

You can see a summary of the scan activity for your bodQR app by using the Scans Dashboard, which can be accessed by clicking on Dashboard in the main navigation then selecting Scans.

On the Scans Dashboard you can see completion volume data and time-to-complete data for Initial Scans and Repeat Scans by scan type. This data display can be filtered by location (all locations or any specific location), user (all users, any specific user or contacts that are unassigned to a user), contact type (all contacts, members or non-members) and date range.

Below the dashboard data display is a list of the most recently completed scans for your bodQR app. You can access the details of each recent scan by clicking on the View button, which will take you to the contact record associated with that scan. You can also see all active contacts in your account by clicking on the View All button in the Recently Completed Scans header.