Using the Quick Access SCAN Button

When logged into your bodQR account you will see a floating SCAN button on the bottom right- hand side of your screen.

Clicking on this button pops up the default QR code for your app.

Once visible, you can share this code directly with members and prospects so that they can scan with their smartphones to initiate a body and needs analysis.

This is a useful feature when working in person with prospects and members, for example:

  • Trainers, coaches and instructors can log into bodQR on their smartphones and click the SCAN button to display the QR code when they want to share with their members.
  • Front desk staff and sales team members can do the same from their desktop during consultations or at check-in and check-out to share with prospects and members.

PRO TIP: If your team is not able to consistently log into bodQR, they can take a screenshot of the app QR code and display that to prospects and members as a convenient alternative.

For more information see the FAQ Setting Up the Pop-UP QR Code for In-Person Scans.