Using bodQR with Remote Prospects and Members

The original inspiration for bodQR was the need to evaluate remote prospects and members who did not come into a facility for fitness and nutrition coaching services but instead accessed those services through online, video, email, texting and phone-based programs.

To address this need, bodQR was designed to provide a comprehensive, staged evaluation of remote prospect and member needs that delivers actionable insights for the contact as well as the user/subscriber and can create a foundation for plan design. It was also meant to eliminate variation across staff members who might take different approaches to the evaluation process, instead delivering consistent results and recommendations regardless of the assigned coach, trainer or enrollment staff person.

You can integrate bodQR scans into your workflow with remote contacts in numerous ways, for example:

  • Sending prospects an invitation or link for a scan prior to an initial phone consultation
  • Sending members an invitation or link for a scan prior to an onboarding or coaching session
  • Sending members a reminder to take a follow-up or additional scan on a periodic basis as part of progress check-ins

You and your staff have the option to review scan data with contacts by phone or in video calls, or to send comments about results by email or text.

For more information on sending scan invitations to remote prospects and members, see the Initiating a bodQR Scan FAQ.