Using bodQR in Sales Consultations and Self-Enrollment

bodQR scans are designed to support the sales process for fitness and nutrition businesses by capturing prospect information that is essential for successful membership enrollment and the up-sale of added services.

bodQR scans –

  • are more efficient for data capture than interview-style sales processes
  • create a consistent sales process across all prospects and staff
  • go beyond intake forms by delivering useful, educational results
  • can be immediately scaled for any number of locations, staff and consultations

For subscribers to CONSULT and COACH plans, the bodQR Consult View provides a fully automated sales walk-through that reviews results, delivers a comprehensive presentation of your business (including your team, facility, success stories and services) and allows you to configure a recommendation engine that makes consistent recommendations based on scan results.

Each scan plays a slightly different role in the sale process –

  • The Body Analysis scan (approximately 1 minute to complete) quickly provides a foundational view of prospect condition and can be incorporated easily into any consultation or self-purchase process.
  • The Goal & Activity Profile scan (approximately 2-3 minutes to complete) provides expanded body metrics along with information about preferences, recent activities, objectives, impediments, motivation or more, and is ideal for consultations (or recommendations) that require greater personalization.
  • The Fitness & Nutrition Diagnostic scans (approximately 4 minutes each to complete) provide a deep analysis of history, behaviors and condition, and identify the key success factors for each person, making them perfect for selling coach-led offerings such as personal or small group training and nutrition coaching.

From a procedural standpoint, bodQR scans can be completed –

  • remotely in advance of consultations or as part of an online self-purchase process
  • on-site just prior to an in-person consultation (for example, while waiting in lobby)
  • on-site during the consultation itself while with enrollment staff
  • in stages, with Body Analysis and Goal & Activity profile scans done for initial membership enrollment, and Fitness & Weight Diagnostic scans done for upselling of services such as personal coaching or training

With this in mind, it makes sense to send prospects invitations or links to complete scans prior to scheduled initial (or follow-on) consultations whenever possible, while also allowing time for completion on-site when needed.

For more information, read the Initiating a bodQR Scan FAQ.