Updating Contact Access to Results by Scan Type

There may be circumstances for which you do not wish your contacts to be able to view all or part of their scan results. For example, you may be reviewing results in sequence over the course of several coaching or training sessions, and don’t want your contact to skip ahead or be overwhelmed from taking in too much data.

For these occasions, you can adjust access to results individually for each contact, toggling access on or off for specific scan types. This feature can be found by clicking on the Update Access item within any individual contact record, or through the main navigation menu by clicking on the Access item and searching for your contact in the dropdown contact list.

Once on the Update Access page with the contact displayed, you can unselect any scan type to restrict access to results or select a scan type to restore access to results (as denoted by a checkmark). Note that you will only see the scan types available for your subscription level on this page.