Understanding the NeedsFunnel Feature

The NeedsFunnel in your bodQR app is an automated online lead generation process that uses the bodQR body analysis scan to quickly engage prospective and current members, learn and educate them about their needs and then propel them forward in your enrollment process.

Your prospects and members can enter the NeedsFunnel by scanning a QR code in your facility, clicking a button or banner on your website, clicking a link that you post in your social media or advertising, or following a link in an email or text invitation sent directly to them from your brand or team (using the Invite feature in bodQR or your own marketing tools).

In addition to the body analysis scan, the NeedsFunnel itself can include a custom button and/or banner for your website (for Connect On-Premises + Web plans and above), videos that welcome contacts and/or instruct them on next steps (all paid plans), promotional offers for prospects and members that encourage them to move forward (all paid plans) and scheduling and/or sign-up links as well as contact information (all paid plans). The NeedsFunnel also includes an Invite-a-Friend feature for contacts who complete a body analysis which can increase leads for your business organically through sharing (tracked separately as a category within your Contacts).