Setting Up Location-Level Logos

Your corporate logo is the default branding for all of your locations. If you have more than one brand or logo variation across multiple locations, you can set location-level logos to appear in your app for your members and prospects based on their selected location (feature available in CONSULT and COACH plans).

Note that your primary NeedsFunnel and Consult URLs and QR Codes are tied to the primary corporate logo, so if your corporate logo might cause confusion among contacts because it is not clearly associated with all of your location level brands, then –

  • you may wish to use location-level URLs and QR codes in your marketing rather than your corporate URLs and QR codes, OR
  • you can use a blank image for your corporate logo so there is no logo branding at the corporate app level, with logo branding only appearing after a location is selected by the contact

You can find the location-level logo feature by clicking on Settings in the main navigation and selecting Logos.


On the Logo Manager page, you click the Upload A Logo button to add a location-level logo. The recommended dimensions for your logo image are 340px W x 106px H. Give your logo a recognizable name then click Submit.

Once your logo has been added, it can now be assigned to a location. On the Logo Manager page, click on the Edit Button for the target location of the new logo.

From the Assigned Logo pop-up, you can assign a logo to the location by checking the box next to the logo name, then clicking Update.

The Current Logo will now be updated for the location in the Logo Manager.

To unassign a logo and return to the default corporate logo, click on the Edit button for the location and unselect the assigned logo, then click Update.

To delete a location-level logo from your bodQR app, click on the View All Logos button in the Logo Manager, then click on the delete icon for the target logo.




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