Setting Up a Website Banner for Your NeedsFunnel

To improve website traffic engagement and conversion of traffic to leads, as well as to enhance brand positioning, you can add a Website Banner to your site that pops up the landing page for you NeedsFunnel and allows visitors to complete a body analysis scan without leaving your site. As visitors get the benefit of learning about themselves through the body analysis scan, this tool can drive them further along your enrollment process while also establishing your brand as an expert source of personalized education.

To add a Website Banner to your site, click on Settings on the main navigation, then select NeedsFunnel, Website Tools and finally Website Banner.

On the Website Button page, enter the text for your button, select the background color for your button and the color for your text. Make sure that the button background and text are contrasting for readability. Click on the Save button to update the button. You can use the Preview button to confirm the colors used on your button.

Once the button has been finalized, click on the Banner Code button and then copy the code that is displayed. You will paste that into your website using your content management system (most systems have a design or page element that allows raw code to be used). Click on the Instructions button for more information and consult your website designer or manager for implementation as needed.

Note that any updates to the button colors or text will require that the code again be copied to your website to reflect these changes.