Setting the Pop-Up QR Code for In-Person Scans

Note that when a user is logged into the bodQR account, they will see a Scan button floating in the bottom corner of the page. Clicking this Scan button will pop up the app QR code on the screen, which can in turn be scanned by a contact so they can get started. This is designed to make sharing the app QR code convenient for in-person use when a print version of the QR code is not readily available.

Subscribers with Consult and Coach plans have the option to configure this pop-up to display either the NeedsFunnel QR code (which leads to the Inquiry View of Body Analysis results after completion) or the Consult QR code (which leads to the Consult View of all scan results including Body Analysis, Profile, Fitness Diagnostic and Weight Diagnostic if completed).

To set the pop-up QR code, go to Settings in the main navigation and select App. On the app page, use the toggles below the QR codes to select the code that you wish to display by moving the corresponding toggle to the On position (the other toggle will automatically move to the Off position as only one can be active at any time).