Selecting a Subscription Plan Level

All bodQR plans give you the ability to add an unlimited number of users and locations, which allows you to select the best plan for your business based solely on the features that you need.

The three key considerations for plan selection are –

  1. Scan Results Access: Scan data can inform all aspects of your relationship with a member, from initial consultation and service recommendations to ongoing upgrades and renewals. So, if you want to view and utilize the outcomes of scans by your members and prospects to drive improved experience or increased revenue, you’ll want to subscribe to a paid plan. However, if you only want to use bodQR as a utility for your members and aren’t ready to use their data (for example, in the same way you might have an unattended or unmonitored traditional body scale that doesn’t store or transmit data), then the free version of bodQR may be best for you to start.
  • Scan Type: Depending on your interest and ability to use data across the membership lifecycle, you may wish to have access to different types of bodQR scans.
    • The Body Analysis scan is designed for efficient lead generation and quick ongoing progress checks.
    • The Goal & Activity Profile scan goes further to understand preferences, motivation, availability, desired outcomes, recent fitness and nutrition activities and much more, which makes it the perfect tool for members consultations or check-ins – whether conducted by staff or fully automated.
    • The Fitness & Weight Diagnostic scans are designed to capture comprehensive histories that drive deeper insights. These scans generate behavior-level scores, identify and prioritize key success factors for each member, and produce educational reports that can be used by staff or members themselves to support

their goals.

  • Volume of Scans: You’ll want to complete bodQR scans with some portion of your active members (for progress tracking and upselling), with most of your prospective members (lead generation and new sales) and with former or inactive members (reactivation). So, your plan size will depend on your total scan volume from these categories each month. You can always start with a best estimate of scan volume, then adjust your plan size over time based on actual volume.