Promoting Your App on Your Website

Your bodQR app provides a way to engage website visitors that educates and positions your brand as the expert, while also capturing contact information and prompting visitors to take the next step in your enrollment process. By helping site visitors to learn about themselves, you create a sense of reciprocity that supports increased lead generation.

Subscribers with the Connect On-Premises + Website plan (or higher) can place a button or banner on their websites that pops up the bodQR app welcome page in a floating window. This feature allows visitors to quickly take the Body Analysis scan and instantly view their results. You can present your visitors with special offers, invite them to schedule an appointment or call, or enable them to advance directly to an enrollment or sign-up page.

The Web Button and Web Banner feature can be found by clicking on Settings in the main navigation, then selecting NeedsFunnel and finally choosing Website Tools.

Instructions for this feature can be found in the Setting up a Website Button for your NeedsFunnel and Setting up a Website Banner for NeedsFunnel FAQs.