Promoting Your App in Your Facility with Posters

The best way to quickly alert your members and prospects to the availability of your bodQR app is with posters in your facility that display the QR code and provide instant access.

We recommend that you place posters throughout your facility, including —

  • Front Desk
    • Seating or Lounge Areas
    • Locker Rooms (for example, near your body scale)
    • Fitness Areas
    • Classrooms and Studios
    • Trainer’s Station
    • Recovery Room
    • Community or Information Boards
    • Other High Traffic Locations

If your facility is in a location with pedestrian traffic, as a lead generation strategy you might also consider putting a poster on your storefront door or window to prompt passers-by to complete a scan.

For poster printing instructions, see the FAQ titled Printing Posters for Your Facility from Your App.

Note that you should designate one or more Users in your facility to be alerted when a prospect or member completes a scan so that they can assign every contact to a User for follow-up.

Scan completion alerts can are part of the setting for your location, and instructions for configuring can be found in the Adding a Location FAQ.