Printing Posters for Your Facility from Your App

To be sure that members and prospects know about and make use of your bodQR app, it is ESSENTIAL that you place posters throughout your facility – including the front desk, lounge or seating areas, locker rooms, workout and classroom areas, personal training areas and more.

This should be your first step in implementing bodQR after you’ve done the basic configuration of settings for your app.

While we recommend that you promote your app to members through multiple channels, including email and in-person conversation (for example, through direct encouragement from front desk staff, instructors, coaches and trainers), most people need to be exposed seven (7) or more times to a message before taking a new action. Posters in your facility are the best way for members to reliably get repeated exposure to your bodQR app, and as such dramatically increase the likelihood of its use. Without posters, app use will more likely be sporadic or correspond only to specific app marketing campaigns (for example, email blasts that mention your app) and structured periodic check-ins (for example, a bootcamp class that is instructed to do before and after scans).

You can print 8.5” x 11” posters for your facility directly from your bodQR app. Those posters will display the NeedsFunnel QR code that leads your new contacts to their first Body Analysis scan and also allows return contacts to log in to complete additional scans or review prior results.

To print a poster(s), click on the Posters button on the header of your bodQR app, or click on Settings in the main navigation and then select Print Posters.

On the Print Posters page, you can select from a variety of background colors for your posters. If you do not have access to a color printer, select the white background color for a black and white poster.

After selecting the background color, click on the Print button which will open the print feature on your device. You can then adjust the number of copies before printing.

Poster Printer Settings
Destination: For best results, use Save to PDF if available (then print to printer from PDF), or select local printer for direct printing (may require adjustment to default margins).
Paper Size: Set to U.S. Letter (8.5×11)
Margins: Set to Default, but if appear uneven in preview, set to Custom and adjust to your preference.
Color: Choose Color for Color Printers or Black & White for Black & White Printers
(Note: For black & white printers we recommend using the White background. Selecting a color background with a black & white printer will result in a gray background – see print preview.)
Header and Footers: Unselect (no check mark)
Background Graphics: Unselect (no check mark)

Note that you can also create posters using your own templates or designs by copying and pasting the QR code from your app into your design.

For Connect plans (and higher), you can find the primary QR code for your app in the Settings menu under App. Copy the NeedsFunnel QR code by right-clicking on the code and selecting copy (or copy image), then paste into your design.

For subscribers with Consult and Coach plans who have multiple locations, you have the option to use location-level QR codes in your posters (which automatically assigns your members to the correct location without the need for them to select their location during registration). You can find the location-level QR codes by clicking on Settings in the main navigation and selecting URLs and QR Codes from the submenu. On the URLs and QR Codes page, click on the View button for the desired location, then copy the QR code for that location and paste into your poster design.