Making the Most of Your Trial

For simplicity, during your trial we recommend limiting your app configurations to the settings outlined in the Getting Started with Your App FAQ — which focuses on updating your company information, primary location and users, as well as printing posters to place throughout your facility.

As goals for your trial, we suggest that you —

  1. Get Staff Participation
  2. Solicit Feedback & Prioritize Rollout
  3. Prepare for Launch

Get Staff Participation

Getting staff involved in your bodQR trial allows them to gain familiarity with the tool and helps build excitement for a full rollout of the application with your members and prospects following the trial.

The easiest way for staff to participate in the trial is for them to complete their own scans. When soliciting staff to take scans, be sure to include managers, trainers and coaches, instructors, sales team members, front desk associates – or anyone else who would use bodQR with prospects and members or would benefit from reviewing scan results in their role.

You can use the Invite feature within bodQR to send scan invitations to your staff individually, send your own email to staff with the link for your NeedsFunnel (this is the URL ending in “/start” that can be found in your App settings), or you can print the QR code poster directly from your app and post in your facility so that staff can scan and instantly give it a try.

Solicit Feedback & Prioritize Rollout

Collect ideas from your team members about how they can best use bodQR in their own daily workflow. Based on that feedback and your business goals, you can then prioritize the rollout of bodQR for the greatest impact. We suggest you prioritize the implementation of bodQR for use across the following activities:

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Consultations
  • Member Onboarding
  • Upselling
  • Progress Evaluations

Prepare for Launch

To be ready for the rollout of you bodQR app, we strongly suggest that review the Getting Started with Your App FAQ to help plan the introduction of your app to members and prospects – as well as other FAQs on topics of interest to you.

In addition, we suggest that you designate one or more owners who will be responsible for configuration & administration of your app, as well as ongoing management of scans & contacts.