There are several ways for a contact to gain or be given access to bodQR in order to complete a scan.

QR Code: The simplest approach is for contacts to scan the QR code for your app. For example, your QR code can be shared –

  • in print and on promotional material such as posters, mailers or flyers,
  • via text or email as an image, or
  • by displaying on a device screen in person (such as a user’s phone or a facility tablet).

For more details see the FAQs Printing Posters for Your Facility from Your bodQR App and Setting the Pop-Up QR Code for In-Person Scans.

Note that when a user is logged into the bodQR account, they will see a Scan button floating in the bottom right corner of the page. Clicking this Scan button will pop up your QR code on the screen, which can in turn be scanned by a contact using their smartphone.

Email Invitation: You can send an invitation with link to a contact by email from within the bodQR app using the Scans menu in the main navigation. From the Scans menu select either new contact to create and send an invitation to a new contact, or existing contact to send an invitation to an active contact who is already registered in your app.

For more details see the FAQ titled Using Scan Invitations.

In-Person on Club/User Device: You can initiate a scan on behalf of a contact so that they can complete a scan on a club device or on a user personal device, or so that a user can complete the scan on behalf of a contact. This is done by clicking on the Scans item in the main navigation and initiating a scan for either a new or existing contact, after which you will have the option to complete the scan on the same device (rather than sending an invitation to the contact).

For more details see the FAQ titled Adding a Contact Using Scan Invitation.

Website: For Connect On-Premises + Website plans and above,you can give website visitor the ability to initiate body analysis scans by clicking on a button or banner. This will pop up a window with the body analysis scan.

For more details see the FAQs titled Setting Up a Website Button for Your NeedsFunnel and Setting Up a Website Banner for Your NeedsFunnel.