Getting Started with Your App

To begin using your bodQR app quickly, the simplest approach is to focus on configuring the basic settings – namely your company information, primary location details and users (staff). Once it is configured, you’ll want to promote your app to prospects and members within your facility by placing posters throughout.

#1. Review and Update Company Settings

To review and/or enter your company information, click on Admin in the main navigation of your app, then select Company.

On the Company Details page you can enter or edit the name, phone number, address, URL and primary email address for your company. You can also remove and replace your company logo (see dimension recommendations on the page for your logo file).

Once you’ve completed all changes, click on the Submit button to save your edits.

For more information see the Updating Company Information and Logo FAQ.

#2. Update Primary Location Settings

To view and edit the details for your primary location (which was automatically set up in your system), click on Locations in the main navigation of your app, then select All Locations.

From the All locations list, click on the edit icon (pen) for your primary location. Make your changes to the location details, then click on the Update button to save those edits.

For more information see the Viewing and Editing Your Primary Location FAQ.

#3. Add Users (Staff)

To set up a user in your bodQR account, click on Users in the main navigation of your app, then select Add User.

On the Add User page, enter the name, email address, mobile phone number for the new user, create a password and assign the user to a location.

Next, select the most appropriate role(s) for the new user along with the permissions that you would like to grant the new user by toggling those permissions to the on position.

Once you’ve completed the new user set-up, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save the new user in your bodQR account.

The credentials for the new user, along with information about logging into your bodQR app will automatically be sent directly to the new user by email using the address in their profile.

For more information see the Adding a User and Editing a User FAQs.

#4. Print Posters and Place Throughout Facility

Click on the Posters button in the header of your bodQR app or click on Settings in the main navigation then select Posters.

Print posters with your preferred background color displaying the unique QR code for your bodQR app. Post these throughout your facility so that prospects and clients can scan your QR code and immediately take a body analysis on their smartphones.

For more information see the Printing Posters for Your Facility From Your App FAQ.

Using Your App

Once you’ve configured your app, you will be able to initiate scans with your members, prospects and staff using the NeedsFunnel link and QR code (found in the App settings), or by using the Scan feature to send out scan invitations.

For more information on conducting scans see the Initiating a bodQR Scan FAQ and explore the Promoting Your App FAQs.

Need assistance with app set-up?

You can contact us by clicking on the Support button in your app and completing the support request form.