Enrolling Contacts in Group Sessions and Viewing Session Dashboards

Once you’ve set up your groups and session schedules in bodQR (see the Adding, Viewing and Editing Groups and Group Sessions FAQ), you can enroll your members into those sessions and take advantage of group analytics (feature available in Coach plans).

View your upcoming sessions through the Group Detail page for each group, or directly from the main navigation by clicking Groups on the main navigation then selecting Upcoming Sessions.

Click View to access the session Check In page.

On the Check In page you can search for a member, then enroll them into the session by clicking the Check In button. Repeat that process for all session participants. If there are participants who have not taken a body & needs analysis yet and are not in your bodQR system, you can have them scan the QR code on the check-in page or you can click the Send Scan button to enter some details and then send them an invitation by email.

Once you’ve enrolled all session participants, you can access the summary data for the group through the session navigation.

Select Roster from the navigation for thumbnail summaries of each participant with key stats including, fitness level, weight, goals and injuries.

Select Profile from the session navigation for a graphical summary of key participant data.

Select Fitness or Weight from the session navigation and then choose Dashboard to see distributions of 12 key fitness stats and 12 key weight stats, or choose NeedsScores to see summaries of 6 key fitness success factors and 6 key weight success factors. 

All of these dashboards and summaries are updated automatically as session participants are enrolled, and are stored so that you can go back to view the data for previously completed sessions.