Enabling the Skip Scan Option in New Contact Consultations

The BrandExplain feature of bodQR allows subscribers to create a brand presentation including PDF documents, videos, a virtual tour, an introduction to staff, member stories and more (available in CONSULT and COACH plans).  For more information see the Creating Your BrandExplain Presentation FAQ.

This brand presentation is displayed in the Consult View immediately after the walk-through of scan results (note that BrandExplain content is also visible in the Evaluation View for COACH plan subscribers).

While the ideal consultation includes one or more scans that capture information about a new contact, time constraints or other circumstances may dictate that you skip past initial scans and instead proceed directly to a brand presentation. (Note that for existing contacts you can access the brand presentation directly from the Consult View through their contact record and selecting the About Us item on the navigation menu).

This option can be enabled by clicking on the Settings item in the main navigation, selecting App, then toggling the Skip Scan feature to Enable.

Click Submit to save changes.

Once enabled, this feature can be selected by Users through the Scan item in the main navigation. For information on how to use this feature see the Adding a New Contact Using the Scan Feature FAQ.

After registering a contact, click Continue to advance to scan selection.

On the scan selection page, click on the Skip Scan button.

You will advance directly to the About Us portion of the Consult View and can then share your brand presentation with your contact.