Creating, Viewing, Ordering and Editing Custom Questions in QuestionCreate

If you would like to capture information from prospects and members that is not requested as part of standard bodQR scans, you can use the QuestionCreate feature to build additional questions that will be included at the end of the scan questions.

Access this feature by clicking on QuestionCreate in the main navigation and selecting Add Question.

Enter your question, name the question for easy identification in your questions list, select answer type (open text or multiple choice), and if multiple-choice, add responses. Click on Save to add your question to the system.

You can view your complete custom question list by clicking on QuestionCreate in the main navigation and selecting All Question.

On the All Custom Questions page, you can deactivate or reactivate a question, and reorder questions using the drag-and-drop feature.

You can also specify whether questions are asked for members or prospects (or both), and whether questions are asked only at the initial scan or on repeat scans (or both) by checking the corresponding boxes.

If you want your members and prospects to answer a question at different times, you can create a duplicate version of the question, setting one for members and the other for prospects.

To edit a question, click on the View button for that question.

On the Edit a Custom Question form, make any desired changes to the question and click on Update to save – or click on the Close button to exit without making changes.

NOTE: Editing a question and the response options can render historical response data unusable or confusing, and as such, if you wish to make a substantial change to a question or the response options, we recommend deactivating the current version of the question and creating a new, updated version of the question instead.