Creating a Member Offer for Your NeedsFunnel

You can add an offer that is targeted to current members as a final step in your bodQR NeedsFunnel. Offers provide incentive for members to engage further with your business, services and staff, whether through a trial offer, consultation appointment or online services purchase.

To add a Member Offer, click on Settings on the main navigation, then select NeedsFunnel and finally Member Offer.

On the NeedsFunnel Member Offer page –

  • Enter your Offer Headline,
  • Enter your Offer Text
  • Enter your Offer Button URL if applicable (e.g., link to further information or sign-up)
  • Enter your Offer Button Text if applicable

You can activate or deactivate the offer in the Inquiry View and/or Consult View (for Consult and Coach subscription plans) with the offer toggle. You can also display or hide the offer button in the Inquiry View and/or Consult View with the button toggle.

Click on the Submit button to save your changes.