Counting Scans and Understanding Subscription Scan Allowances

Paid bodQR subscription plan tiers have different monthly scan volume allowances.

For CONNECT Plans, those allowances relate exclusively to the number of Body Analysis scans completed during the month – so each Body Analysis conducted counts as a scan toward the allowance.

For CONSULT and COACH plans, allowances relate to the number of newly initiated scan sequences that occur during the month. In each of these plans, a sequence is the full set of scans available for the subscription level — for CONSULT that sequence includes Body Analysis and Goal & Activity Profile, and for CONSULT that sequence includes Body Analysis, Goal & Activity Profile, Fitness Diagnostic and Weight Diagnostic.

For example, in a CONSULT plan, a member who initially conducts a Body Analysis scan, and several days later resumes their scan sequence by completing a PROFILE scan, would only represent one scan toward the monthly allowance.

Similarly, in a COACH plan, a member might initially complete a Body Analysis scan and a Goal & Activity Profile scan, one week later complete a Fitness Diagnostic, and yet another week later complete a Weight Diagnostic. Again, that member would represent one scan toward the monthly allowance.

If a CONSULT or COACH plan member initiates a new sequence by repeating a Body Analysis scan, then that action would count as another scan toward the monthly plan allowance.

If you find that member and prospect utilization of your bodQR app is higher than your current plan scan allowance, you can adjust your subscription at any time in under the Admin menu in the main app navigation by selecting the Subscription item and clicking on the Update button next to your current plan level.

For more information on resuming scan sequences that have been partially completed, see the Resuming a Scan Sequence FAQ.