Completing a Scan on a Club or User Device

You can initiate an in-person scan for your member or prospect using a club or user device (smartphone, tablet, kiosk, etc.) in instances when the member or prospect does not have their own personal device available to scan your app QR code — or are simply uncomfortable with using technology.

In your user account, click on the Scans item in the main navigation. Select either new contact or existing contact (in which case you will need to search for and choose your contact), then complete the registration page and click on the Continue button.

On the scan selection page, pick the scans that you would like the contact to complete, then click on the Complete Scan On This Device button.

At this point, you can either hand the device to your member or prospect to complete their scan, or you can personally ask the scan questions and input on their behalf.

If your contact is new, they will receive an email from your bodQR app with their login information including username and password so that they can also access their results on their own.