Assigning an Unassigned Contact to a User

When contacts are registered by a user and invited to take a scan through the Scans feature in the bodQR app, those contacts are automatically assigned to the user who initiates the invitation.

That means activity by those contacts – such as completing a scan – will trigger alerts for that user by email and within the app, allowing them to follow up with contacts in a timely way.

By contrast, contacts who register for and access the bodQR app directly through a link or QR code will enter the system as unassigned, or not associated with a specific user. Each location in the bodQR app can designate up to several users to receive alerts when unassigned contacts complete scans (see the Adding a Location FAQ for more details).

Users with permission to assign or reassign a contact to themselves or another app user. Start by accessing the contact record for the unassigned contact through the Active Contacts menu, then click on the info button for that contact.


On the contact record page, click on the Edit Contact button.


On the Edit Contact page, click on the Assigned User field and select the desired user from the drop-down menu, then click on the Update button to save your changes.


The user who is assigned to the contact will receive an email alert instructing them to follow up with the contact on their results.