Adding, Viewing and Editing Your Services List in NeedsTarget

You have the option to present a complete or partial list of services and products to your prospects and members in the Next Steps section of the Consult and Evaluation Views in your bodQR app, providing a means of interesting them in your offerings (feature available in Consult and Coach Plans). Adding services is also a necessary first step if you plan to use the NeedsTarget recommendation engine to trigger specific service recommendations following the completion of a scan (see the Adding, Viewing and Editing Automated Recommendations in NeedsTarget FAQ). Remember that if you have the same service with different pricing based on location, you should add a version of that service for each location with the appropriate pricing.

To add a service, select the NeedsTarget item in the main navigation and click on Add Service. On the Add Service form, enter the details for your service or product and if ready to display, shift the toggle to the Active position. Note that only the Item Name, Category and Availability fields are required.

To view your entire list of services, click on All Services in the NeedsTarget menu. To edit a service, click on the edit icon (pen).

On the Edit Service page, make any desired changes then click Update to save.

Based on individual services settings (availability, active/inactive) your services may now appear on the All Service page in the Next Step section of the Consultation View and Evaluation View in your bodQR app.

Note that you can also control the (global) display of services using the BrandExplain settings found in the Settings Menu (main navigation) on the APP page. Toggle the Recommendation setting off or on based on your preference then click Submit to save.