Adding, Viewing and Editing Personas

Persona-based marketing and sales involves targeting one or more specific profiles that are best suited to your offerings based on a set of demographics, conditions, goals, preferences and more. You can identify target personas from within your current business by finding groupings of members (ideally, those that are most profitable) with characteristics that seem to cohere or co-present, and you can in turn evaluate your prospect pool to understand how well you’re attracting target personas, while also identifying the subset of prospects who best match your target profile.

The Persona feature in bodQR enables to you to create custom personas using the data and scores within your app. Once a persona is created, your bodQR app will automatically identify any new contacts that match the persona and add that persona label to the contact record. In addition, you can apply a persona filter to your current contacts (prospect, members or both) to discover how well represented they are in your business.

To add a Persona, select the Personas item in the main navigation and click on Add Persona. On the Add Persona form, select the date range for completed body & needs analyses and include any location or assigned user criteria. Next select the characteristics of the individuals to include in the persona (use the select all toggle to include all characteristics). While the primary persona criteria correspond to Body Analysis scan metrics as these are the most commonly completed, you can add more criteria from other scans using the drop-down field at the bottom of the form. Note that personas with Goal & Activity Profile, Fitness Diagnostic and Weight Diagnostic scan metrics as criteria will only trigger when those scans are completed. Give your persona a name then click Save to activate.

To edit a persona or view persona results, select All Personasthen click on the View button for the persona.

From the Persona home page, click on the edit button to return to the Persona form to make any desired changes.

To see results, click on View Persona on the persona home page, which will take you to the List view.

Use the navigation menu to select the views for Profile, Fitness and Weight results.

Once your persona is active, you will also see assigned Personas (if any) on the contact record for your individual contacts.