Adding and Viewing Contact Photos in the Evaluation View

Contacts and Users with access to the Evaluation View can add photos to their Body Analysis scan history and contact record as a way of tracking progress (feature available in COACH plans). Photos are associated with and stored for specific Body Analysis scan dates.

To add a photo, users can navigate to the contact record using the Contacts item on the main navigation, then select the Evaluation View. Note that contact can access the Evaluation View directly after logging in if it is set as their default view in App Settings, or they can access through the Consult View by clicking on the View History & Reports button, which will take then to the Evaluation View home page and navigation.

From the navigation menu in the Evaluation View, click on Body Analysis then select Dashboard.

When prompted to give permission for the bodQR to access the camera in your device, click Allow.

Click on the Take Photos button to open camera on your device.

You will be given the option to take a Front Photo (or Skip), and a Side Photo (or skip).

The photos taken for this scan will appear in the Body Analysis dashboard, and can be retaken by clicking on the Retake Photo button (which now replaces the Take Photo button).

Photos associated with Body Analysis scans taken over time can be viewed in the Gallery, which is accessible under the Body Analysis item in the main navigation.