To set up a location in your bodQR account, click on Locations in the main navigation of your app, then select Add Location.

On the Add Location page —

  • enter a name for the location that will make sense to your prospects and members and distinguish it from any other locations (for example, the name could reference the neighborhood or another differentiating characteristic)
  • add a main number and primary email address for the location
  • designate one or more users to receive alerts regarding completed and/or partially completed scans from the bodQR system (ideally this is someone who can assign contacts to staff members for follow-up or who will be doing all follow-up)
  • designate an email address to receive alerts for support requests from contacts
  • if available, add a URL used for scheduling appointments for consultations or progress evaluations
  • if available, add a URL for direct online enrollment in your services for the facility
  • enter the address for the location
  • if this is the first location for a particular city, you will need to add the city to your bodQR app by following the Manage Cities button and creating a new city
  • toggle the location to active
  • click on the Submit button to save your new location details

The new location will now appear among the options for your contacts who use the bodQR app.

To view and edit your new location, click on Locations in the main navigation of your app, select All Locations, then click on the edit icon (pen) to access and update location details.