Accessing the Fitness Report Guide

The Evaluation View includes a set of detailed, personalized reports for contacts based on the results of the Fitness Diagnostic scan (feature available in COACH plans). These reports are accessed in the Fitness menu by selecting Reports.

These reports explain each score, how they are calculated, whether and how they can be impacted, and the implications or suggestions related to the results for the individual contacts.

Prior to reviewing and discussing these reports with contacts, it is helpful to understand the weight report content, particularly as some of the metrics are proprietary to the bodQR system.

Users can prepare for conversations with contacts by reading the Fitness Report Guide, which can be accessed through the Learning item in the main app navigation.

Six tabs at the top of the guide correspond to the six weight reports. Users can review the content in each tab as part of training to use the bodQR system and can refer to the guide as a quick reference when refreshing their understanding of report content.