Viewing Scan Experience Ratings

Contacts are given the opportunity to rate their experience in your bodQR app after reviewing scan results in the Consult View (available in CONSULT and COACH plans).

One way to view these ratings for an individual contact is through their Contact record under NeedsCoach Responses.

On the NeedsCoach History page, click on View Responses for a consultation date.

On the Consult Responses page you can view scan ratings & comments along with any other responses from the consultation asked by the consultation bot.

Another, possibly faster way to view Scan Experience Ratings in your app is through the Consultation Dashboard. Navigate to the Consultation Dashboard through the main menu, then click on the View All button in the Scan Experience Ratings header.

On the All Scan Experience Ratings page you will see a list of ratings that can be searched or sorted so that you can quickly find any ratings for a particular contact.